Commercial Heating

Our highly skilled and dedicated engineering team design, install, service and maintain commercial heating systems throughout the UK and Channel Islands.

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Complete plant room fit-outs whilst maintaining services

Cedar Green is renowned for its ability to deliver complex new plant room or refurbishment projects whilst providing continued heating and hot water to the building users, with temporary boilers if needed, ensuring minimal disruption.

Experience across multiple commercial and public sector environments

We specialise in undertaking projects in complex environments where continuity of heating and hot water supply is business-critical including:


We keep everything going

We bring the heat

We are the only UK Company currently offering complete turnkey commercial heating services in-house. Our family-run business provides full nationwide coverage including the Channel Islands, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

  • 24/7, 365 days a year emergency callout service
  • Discounted annual service rates
  • Discounted rates on spares and parts
  • Significant savings on temporary boiler hire
  • Technical support helpline available 24/7

Commercial Heating Systems FAQs

What is a commercial heating system?

A commercial heating system utilises electric coils or burners within a boiler to heat water, producing steam or hot water that is distributed through a pipe network to provide warmth via radiators throughout a property.

How do commercial heaters work?

Commercial heaters, typically powered by natural gas or oil, generate heat by heating water or producing steam in a boiler. This heat is then circulated through pipes to various areas within a building.

What is classed as a commercial boiler?

Commercial boilers are generally larger and more powerful than domestic ones, with outputs typically exceeding 150Kw. They can consist of either one large boiler or a series of smaller ones to meet heating demands.


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